Program Highlights

The Face 2 Face TOP TEN


#1  Face to Face serves a population that is most at risk for dropping out  of high school.  Despite this fact, Face to Face out performs State, District, and Local school averages in Math, Reading, Science, and Graduation Rate for Focus Students.


#2   Face to Face is highly respected in the community.  Parents, Counselors, Truancy Officers, Public Health Nurses, and even Local and State Representatives view Face to Face as the model for working with At Risk Youth. 


#3 The Academy offers many out of school opportunities to recover and/or earn extra credit, including the Award winning Wilderness & Outdoor Program.  The Academy's credit earning sysem has been recoginized as a model program for re-engaging high school students.


#4 Face to Face has a veteran staff committed to working with youth.  Over 60% of the staff has been with the school at least 14 years (out of a total of 18 years the school has been open).  All staff are fully licensed in their content area.


#5 Face to Face offers a rigorous curriculum that addresses the core academic areas of English, Math, Social Studies, History, Science, Art, Physical Education, and Health.  The school also emphasizes life skills such as conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, preparing for the world of work, and respect for the community.



#6 Face to Face is a receipient of Minnesota Department of Education's Finance Award from 2009-2016.  The Academy currently has a Fund Balance of over 35% and has a 3 year budget model projecting yearly surpluses.



#7 For the past 7 years, Face to Face has made yearly progress in Reading, Math, Attendance, and Graduation Rate.  The school has been named a High Qualtiy Charter School for its part in closing the Achievement Gap.



#8 6 months after graduation, 90% of our graduates are either gainfully employed or are enrolled in a post secondary program.



#9 Our school calendar is one of the most unique in the state and serves to meet the needs of our students.  The Academy is open every month of the year and never has a break longer than 3 weeks. 



#10 With an 8:40 a.m. start, students have extra time in the morning to get ready and make it on to school rested and with more energy.

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