Project Footsteps

Project Footsteps is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, empower and prepare youth to be agents of change, social leaders, and volunteers. Face to Face has formed a collaboration with Project Legos that empowers and prepares young people to actively create positive change in their community through action-based projects and service to others. These projects support the mission, as empowering young people to create change ultimately inspires adults and communities to believe in its possibility. If young people are provided the platform to take ownership of their ability to create change, while utilizing their peers and community to forge this change, positive social change and leadership is inevitable and sustainable.

Past Project:

Over a ten week period Project Legos and Face to Face Academy worked together on a community project that addressed inequality and homelessness. The program started with team-building activities that focused on the students getting to know each other and feeling part of a group. Each student got a chance to speak up about social issues that were most prominent to them and their personal experiences. As a group they came up with a few issues that they thought were the most important to address and bring awareness. Once the topic was selected they brainstormed together to come up with an "Awareness Day" that brought people’s attention to the the issues surrounding inequality and homelessness. The event hosted a poetry reading about their experiences with the issues and a video about homelessness in St. Paul. They provided food, drink, desserts, and prizes for the guests. The event was linked with a Parent Event and students were able to be leaders with their families about the issue of inequality. It was a great experience for our students to work together to better their community. They learned how to communicate in a positive way and be able to work as a group towards one common goal.