Testing Dates

2017-18 Student Testing Information

Face to Face Academy participates in the Minnesota state required tests for all high school students and local standardized testing.


All 9th and 10th graders participate in the NWEA MAP testing in reading and math in the fall and spring.

These tests are administered on the computer and are untimed.  Each subject area usually takes 1-2 hours of testing.  The purpose of these tests is to measure each studentís growth in both reading and math during the school year.  The Academy has set specific school wide goals based on the growth results as measured from fall to spring.  We also use the test results to prepare instructional interventions before each student participates in the state required MCA III testing. The NWEA MAP and MCA III are aligned such that each NWEA MAP score can predict MCA III proficiency.


The dates of the fall testing window is October 11- November 2, 2017.  The longer window is needed based on the untimed nature of the tests.  The spring testing window is May 7 - June 1, 2018.


Fall NWEA Reading and Math: Testing Date: October 1, 2017.

Spring NWEA Reading and Math: Testing Date: May7, 2018.



MCA Tests

Face to Face Academy provides the state required MCA III tests to all students.  All 10th graders take reading, all 11th graders take math, and any 12th grader who has not completed their science test, participates in this test after successful completion of Biology.  These tests fulfill every studentís graduation requirement.  They are untimed and usually take 4-6 hours per subject area, with the science test only needing 1-2 hours.  These tests also measure growth and proficiency for our students.  The Academy has set specific goals based on the growth results.


The spring 2018 testing window is based on the untimed nature of these tests.

The three content areas fall within March 5-May 11, 2018.


MCA Science (12th Graders/as needed): Testing Date: March 13th -15th, 2018

MCA Math (11th Graders): Testing Date: April 10th-17th, 2018.

MCA Reading (10th Graders): Testing Date: April 18th - 25th, 2018.




In addition to the standardized and state tests, the Academy also requires every graduating senior to participate in the Accuplacer reading and math tests.  The purpose of these tests is dual. Some students need to participate in these tests to fulfill their graduation requirement in regards to the MCA III.  The other purpose is that these test results determine if a student is eligible to attend Minnesotaís two year college programs.  The Academy has also set specific goals to measure how many students are college ready in math and reading.


Accuplacer: (Graduating Seniors): Testing Dates: November 29, 2017 & May 16, 2018.