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School Year 21-22: COVID 19 Update

By September 10, 2021 No Comments

For the 21-22 School Year, Face to Face Academy is providing maximum flexibility for students to receive personalized and high quality instruction in safe and nurturing learning environment. Enrollment Options Available Right Away!

At Face to Face Academy, we believe strongly that the vast majority of our students are more successful with in-person instruction. Thankfully, with our small school size and experienced staff, we are able to offer Full In-Person Learning for every student. We are pleased also to provide Blended Learning (Part In-Person/Part Online) and Full Online Options to meet the needs and schedules of ALL families. Families can opt in and out Full In-Person, Blended, & Online options depending on their circumstances at any time. No need to make a decision that will last a semester.

For Full-In Person Learning, The Academy is also able to implement numerous safety measures that often go beyond the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Health. These measures include maximum class sizes 12 (and often as low as 7 to 10). To learn more about our extensive safety precautions click on this link.

If you are interested in enrolling, the Academy has several ways you can learn more about the school:

  • Schedule a Tour of the building and have a chance to meet one of our staff that works with new students.
  • Set up an Informational Meeting via phone or Zoom with one of our School Social Workers.
  • Or maybe you have a few questions before you start the process and like to talk to the Academy Director directly.

For any of these options, contact Darius Husain at 651-772-5554 or at You can also reach out via our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you!