Thinking About Enrolling?


  • 01 Informational Meeting: Schedule an informational meeting with one of school Social Worker or attend one of our regular occurring Open Houses (learn more below, under additional info).
  • 02 Registration Form: Basic information used to contact the family when an opening in the school becomes available.
  • 03 Lottery and Waiting Period: Random selection of Registration Forms to establish year-round enrollment order (see lottery policy below).
  • 04 Enrollment: Once an opening is available, the student and family are contacted and an enrollment spot and date is confirmed.
  • 05 Intake: The family is invited to a 30-45 minute meeting with an Academy social worker, in order to better get to know the student and family, and to begin to provide the supports necessary for a successful start.

Additional Info:

Informational Meeting:

If you are interested in enrolling, the Academy has several ways you can learn more about the school:

  1. Attend an Open House, text 651-200-7539 for details.
  2. Schedule a Tour of the building and have a chance to meet one of our staff that works with new students.
  3. Set up an Informational Meeting via phone or Zoom with one of our School Social Workers.
  4. Or maybe you have a few questions before you start the process and would like to talk to the Academy Director directly.

For any of these options, contact Darius Husain at 651-772-5554 or You can also reach out via our Contact Form.

Registration Form:

At the end of the informational meeting, parents & students are invited to fill out a form with basic contact information.  The Registration Form asks for the following information: student name, parent name, phone numbers, and current address. 

The form also includes an optional section that allows for parents to ask additional questions and/or offer further information.  This portion of the Registration Form is not required for admittance but instead provides an additional opportunity to get to know the school and start forming a connection.  The form is not a binding agreement to attend Face to Face Academy.  It simply serves as a way for school staff to reach the family when an opening in the school occurs.

On occasion, a student/family member is unable to attend the orientation.  Individuals are welcome to contact the Program Director directly for enrollment information if they are unable to attend.

The Lottery & Waiting Period:

At times, Face to Face Academy has more interested students than spots available. Due to this, the school often runs at an enrollment of 75-76 instead of its obligated enrollment of 70-72. To help serve families, the Academy enrolls students on a quarterly basis throughout the school year. To determine the order of enrollment, all Prospective Student Sheets are collected and the Academy conducts the following lottery protocol:

  1. Prior to a lottery taking place, preference will be given to the siblings of  currently enrolled students. 
  2. A lottery will take place in the first weeks of May of each year for the following year’s enrollment.  All new applicants received will be publicly chosen by lot with the Program Director, a School Social Worker, and a Board Member present at drawing.  Notification of admission or the placement on a waiting list for the following school year will be communicated no later than May 31st of each year.
  3. Families choosing to enroll their children in Face to Face Academy after a lottery has taken place will be placed onto a waiting list in the order they apply with the school. When an opening occurs, staff will go to the first name on the waiting list and give the family the opportunity to enroll. Should a family decline enrollment at that time, the next family will be contacted. This process will repeat until all openings have been filled.
  4. In the event that a family declines the invitation to enroll when contacted and later changes their mind, they will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list for future openings.
  5. Families on a waiting list at the end of a school year will need to re-apply for admission the following year as the waiting list does not carry over from one year to thenext

Parents/students are welcome to contact the Program Director for updates regarding the order of enrollment.

Despite the flexibility in the enrollment process, students and families often have to wait 2-3 months before an opening emerges; sometimes this wait is as long as 4-6 months. The staff of the Academy apologizes for these delays, and recognizes many families are in need of a supportive, caring school. Please understand that a major part of the school being successful is the small numbers and intimate community atmosphere. Please also note that our hope is that all students who wish to attend the Academy will get their chance.

Enrollment & Intake:

When an opening in the school is established, the student and parent/guardian are notified and an enrollment spot and date are guaranteed. The student and the parent/guardian are then invited to participate in an intake session.  This 30-45 minute meeting with an Academy social worker is designed to better get to know the student and family and to begin to provide the supports and positive atmosphere necessary for a successful start to a new school.  The Social Worker will also review and help fill out paper work and assist the student in setting goals in the three areas of: attendance, work completion, and respect. It is important for students and parents/guardians to know that the intake is a safe place for honest discussion; nothing brought up in the meeting will negatively affect the student’s start in the school and, the enrollment spot is already guaranteed.

 A student should have a parent/guardian at the intake. Students are welcome to bring other adults in their lives (mentors, social workers, probation officers, etc.) if they believe it to be a useful part of the process. If the student is without a parent/guardian, the student should make every attempt to bring a responsible/accountable adult. In some instances, a student will be in a position where they must represent themselves. The staff will make accommodations on a case by case basis.

In accordance with state statute, Face to Face Academy shall give enrollment preference to a sibling of an enrolled pupil and to a foster child of that pupil’s parents and will also give preference for enrolling children of the school’s staff before accepting other pupils through the lottery process.